We are excited to announce the start of BAND groups at CCC. 

Band groups are small groups that meet regularly to grow and encourage one another in Christ. 

Here are some things you should know about BAND groups at Countryside. 

• BANDS will Kick Off (officially) on Sunday September 24th. 

• BAND leaders are selecting the content of the BAND they plan to lead. 

• Each BAND will set the meeting dates and times. 

• Each BAND will select a service project to complete this fall.

• Each BAND will conclude their fall meetings by November 19th.

• All the BANDS will join together for a Thanks giving celebration on the 19th.

Here are some great reasons to join a BAND.  

• BAND groups are personal. CCC provides a great corporate worship experience each Sunday here at church but sharing life with other Christians happens best in small groups.

• BAND Groups are the front line of pastoral care at CCC. BAND members will serve as first responders to needs for others in their BAND.

• Evangelism opportunities to people you care about are offered in BAND. Someone interested in knowing more about Christ are much more likely to come to a small group setting than they are to a church worship service.

• BAND is the word. When something important is happening at CCC- BAND is the best place to hear and talk about it. 

• BAND members encourage one another to serve and serving with people you know and care about brings joy to your service. 

BAND CAN’T make you a disciple of Jesus Christ. People make disciples. But, in BAND you’ll find great people on the road to becoming better disciples and their journey to discipleship will inspire and assist your journey. 

BAND CAN help you love and live like Jesus, that’s the purpose of Countryside & a small group that can help keep central the goal of being like Jesus, 

will help us all love and live like Him. 

At CCC small groups are not a program we do – they’re a part of who we are. 


Please click here to let us know if you would like to be in a band. We will be letting you know what the BAND leaders will be leading as soon as we can.