CIY MOVE 2019 July 8th - july 12th

This year CIY Move will be July 8th through July 12th in Lincoln Nebraska. Below I have included a few highlights of what all takes place at CIY Move. This year’s theme is “TO BE CONTINUED” and we are excited to be taking more students than last year! If you are interested in going to this event, please let Ricky know as soon as possible. We have a registration form to be filled out for each student attending, and we will be sending out a link for medical release when we get closer to the event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Ricky on his cell phone at 785-262-7158. Be sure to get signed up and fill out the registration form so that we can get a count of how many will be attending.



In 2019, MOVE will explore the life of Elijah the Prophet and help high school students understand that:

  • You are CALLED into the Story of God
  • You can TRUST that God can PROVIDE because He is REAL.
  • When you DESPAIR, God will SUSTAIN because He is HERE.
  • You will find PURPOSE when God SENDS you to REACH others.
  • You will CONTINUE as God's Spirit EMPOWERS and His mission ENDURES.

Your story,

Elijah's story,

God's story...

They're all still being written...

Because they're all TO BE CONTINUED.


2019 Camp Dates

9-12’s | May 28—June 1 | Seth Bates & Arick Johanson
Camp Check-In is from 10-Noon on May 28.  Camp concludes on June 1 @ 4pm

6-8’s | June 9—14 | David Martinez & Ricky Kearn
Camp Check-In is from 4-6pm on June 9.  Camp concludes on June 14 @ 1pm

3-5’s | June 16—19 | Jane Wentz & Malinda Martinez
Camp Check-In is from 4-6pm on June 16.  Camp concludes on June 19 @ 1pm

1-2’s | June 7—8 | Jane Wentz & Roger Sloan
Camp Check-In is from 4-6pm on June 7.  Camp concludes on June 8 @ 4pm

Women’s Camp | September 6—8
Man Camp | September 13-14